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We have arrived at a rather fuzzy area...
The script for the second episode is nearing completion, including happy new sketches by Donovan Dutro and Logan Whitehurst.
*To read the latest incarnation of the second episode script, please click here.
(For those of you wondering, the new Doctor Sketch Two has not been added yet...we're trying to eliminate other things so it will fit.)
Any suggestions, additions or subtractions would be appreciated.

We would love to begin filming as soon as possible. We think that Dad Junk will be the first thing filmed (any help on that set would be great,) then we would like to get the Pedestrian Sketch out of the way...Roberto would also be easy to film, just need to rent the media center soundstage for a few hours.
Here's to number two! (The episode, not the toilet activity. Some would say those two things are similar, but not me. Ahem.)

Sketches by Title
Feel free to comment on or copy and print these for Show use!

Newest at top:
The Doctor Sketch
Girl Talk


31 Favors
Automotive Jesus
Babysitter 3000
Bathroom Auditions
Bloopers in Ancient History
Chocolate Jesus
Coffeeshop Revolutionary
Dad Junk
DiCaprio Must Die
Duckbilled Platypus
La Mort
Man Tit
Marriage Problems
No Hand Stan
Only the Good Die Young
Pet Smoker
Spending Time with the Elderly
Steven Powers
Subliminal Revenge
Texas Prairie Dog
The Interview
The Sandlot
The Spot
Novel Ideas
We Make Great Pets