The most infamous sketch ever has to be Socko. With it's emotionally scarring soundtrack, vividly sleazy ambience and riveting dialogue, Socko is a lighthearted, if painful attempt at artistic fart humor.
**special features: ediied for content
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Why would there be a sock puppet in the bathroom? What's that smell? Even The Show has no answers for you.


Socko, written and directed by Ken Haus (star of Crazy-Heads.) Filmed in a Round Table Pizza bathroom. Really.


Photos from this sketch have been edited at the actors' request. They weren't the kind of photos you would want popping up in a search engine for girls around the world to see when they typed in your name...

The role of a lifetime. The end of Socko features a gripping illustration of a man's decent into insanity. And there's drool! Don't ask why all the shots from the sock puppets' point of view are in black and white and have a timestamp. It's filled with deep artistic meaning; you just wouldn't understand.
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