Updated 12/02/01

Week 1:  Nov. 25-Dec.1 COMPLETED
Week 2: Dec. 2-Dec. 8 Someday: Reserve equipment at Media Center for Bears?

TUESDAY, Dec. 4th-6pm at La Gare Restaurant: Finish filming No Hand Stan. We will also try to film the last scene (park bench scene) earlier that afternoon (like 3pm, at Aromas.) Pray for no rain!

Someday: This week possibly do BEARS! Still needs casting (possibly Ken as MAX, Steven as DAVE, others (Discovery Channel crew and sissy bear.) Get props!

Someday: Prop roundup for Texas Prairie Dog (Power tools and the like) Reserve equipment!!! Get together shot list and storyboard with Michael.

THURSDAY, Dec. 6th-6pm at Melissa and Matlocks'- Meeting about Texas Prairie Dog (Rehearse) and Capitan Jim! (Read, cast) Decide on scripts for live performance.

FRIDAY, Dec. 7th-Rehearse The Doctor Sketch: Pick Ian up at JC, 3:15pm.

SATURDAY, Dec. 8th-3pm at Mantis Productions: Film The Doctor Sketch office scene!

Location Scouting-Outdoor scenes for The Doctor Sketch.


Week 3:  Dec. 9-Dec.15 SUNDAY, Dec. 9th-12pm at The Cobbler in Larkfield: Do Texas Prairie Dog!

Sometime: Gather Props for Capitan Jim. Reserve equipment!!!

THURSDAY, Dec. 13th-6pm at our place: Rehearse Capitan Jim (confirm film date!) and In-contemptible

Rehearse for live performance?

EDIT No Hand Stan

SATURDAY, Dec. 15th-Various locations, The Doctor Sketch, film outdoor scenes.


Week 4:   Dec. 16-Dec. 22 Someday: Do Capitan Jim! Again!

Someday: Gather Props for In-contemptible

THURSDAY, Dec. 20th-6pm at our place: Rehearse In-contemptible. FULL CAST! Rehearse Girl Talk

Rehearse for live performance.

EDIT Texas Prarie Dog?

SATURDAY, Dec. 22-12pm at Dan's Parents property, Santa Rosa: Film last scenes for The Doctor Sketch.


Dec. 23-Dec. 29


Week 5:   Dec. 30-Jan5 Someday: Gather props for Girl Talk

THURSDAY, Jan. 3rd: Meeting, Discuss upcoming sketches. Rehearse Mama Loves Your Baby

FRIDAY, Jan. 4th (tentative): Do In-contemptible at City Council Building

LIVE PERFORMANCE at Jessie Jeans or the like?

Someday: Do Girl Talk?

Preview John's animations? Discuss music with Logan.

EDIT Capitan Jim?


Week 6:   Jan. 6-Jan. 12 Someday: Gather props for Mama Loves Your Baby.

Someday: Film Mama Loves Your Baby.

EDIT In-contemptible, Girl Talk, Mama Loves Your Baby.

Schedule final edits.

Ready episode for air.

Someday: (If theres' time): Crazy Heads?


Any questions or suggestions, please call us!