God Kelly McKay
Mark is such a good actor that he can accurately portray an Italian mob boss realizing he's made a grave error in tossing a baby to a man with no hands .5 seconds after the fact. There it is.
Matlock is as much of an over-actor as Al Pacino, as demonstrated
by this shot.
Jared Sperry has asked us NOT to associate him with toilets...therefore this picture cannot be viewed.
Erin Lane
Some have wondered if Logan has made some pact with a fiery demon in order to further his musical career. No wait, that's talent.
Ian McDavid
Matlock points to the place where all the jokes come from! (His eye.)
Donovan Dutro
Scroll right to see some...
Matlock Zumsteg, again.
Matlock Zumsteg

This is the face of God. Honestly. I shit you not, his name is God, and this
is his face.

Mark "I live in Arizona" Owens

Why is Kelly smiling? Because she's crazy.

Logan Whitehurst and Vanilla the Snowman
The rumor that Erin is simply a floating hand attached to a screeching disembodied head are simply cruel. We should really stop telling people that.

Donovan sees a life of fame and stardom with The Show...no wait, it's only a smear of sausage grease and a hair stuck on the lens.

Ian went on to become the world's saddest man. He is now living in Burbank with a transexual hooker named Butta.
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