things said at random points during the history of The Show, including various catchy phrases
and assorted problem causing witticisms


"I say we cheat him down to his whities."-a phrase the actors came up with at the 2am shooting of No Hand Stan. Surprisingly, no one has been able to use this phrase in everyday conversation yet. It's time will come.

"I'm a doctor!" -said almost constantly every day by every cast member after seeing our Doctor sketch.

"What show?" -what Mark said every time Matlock brought up a new sketch idea.

"It sounds good, but where are we going to get a dead pony...at this hour?"-the deadly line Jeff came up with in The Shows' early days. No one can say it convincingly to this day.

"Hi, this is Ken. Is your daughter there?"-that's just scary. It could happen to you.

-More coming as soon as we can remember them! Doo dee doo!-