sECreT mIsSIoN:

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The Show was hesitantly asked to participate in the wonderful and mysterious Orgasmatron event. We struggled to think of sketches that would be anything close to sensual, to no avail. Finally, the brilliant concept of a pageant was brought up, and we latched onto the idea like a child clinging desperately to it's mother for safety and affection.

The Orgasmatron featured the live band Wish, also live DJs, dancers, drummers, poets, sensual healers, performance artists and many love-lovin', free-wheelin' sensual and exotic guests.

But that wasn't all. The Orgasmatron also featured, in big bold letters on the top of the flyer (Exhibit A, on your left there) the Mr. and Mrs. Orgasmatron Pageant, hosted by The Show. How did it go, you ask? Well, my friend, you should be crying in your beer that you missed us. We were spectacular. We were amazing. We had the audience in the palms of our greasy, slimy hands and they loved us for it. And you should be crying extra hard right now because WE ONLY GOT ONE MINUTE OF THE ENTIRE THING ON FILM!
Yes, friends, I am the idiot of the century, the lazy, incompetent, good-for-nothing moron who let this tragedy befall us. It is my fault. I am so, so stupid. Most of my friends have disowned me, even my loved ones can only look down on me with pity and shame for I am worthless scum.

But, hey, we have memories, and even STILL PHOTOS thanks to Ian, one of the producers, and JJ, our very own camera guy. Yes, I realize that these things can never hope to equal the glory of actual video footage. That's all we have, I said I was sorry, so shut up already. Get off my back!

Special thanks to:

Ken Haus
AJ Turner
Matlock Zumsteg
Kevin McCrary
Julie Hash
James "Montana" Brandenburg
Steven Thomas
"God" Stockton
Ian Wilkerson
Lee Howard
Greg and Ed and all the good folks at Fab

...and especially, to the gullible, easily fooled audience that we pulled one over on.
Keep up the naïveté!
(Kidding, the crowd was great!)

Click here for the whole story...truth and photos.

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