nO hANd sTAn

That's no pile of burlap bags...
No Hand Stan, directed by the masterful John Harden, was filmed in four locations. The bar scenes were filmed at the Jack London Lodge in Glen Ellen, Ca. Mark, the actual bartender (who agreed to play himself in this sketch) told us ghost stories about the place as we filmed. At three in the morning. In a dark, old, dead quiet brick building. Needless to say, filming was concluded as hastily as possible.
**special features: in the alley scene in this video, we had a flaming barrel for atmosphere, and at one point to get the flames to flare up we shot lighter fluid into the barrel fire. The stream can be seen very clearly on the left side of the shot, and I wish it didn't look so much like urine.**

No Hand Stan,
written by Melissa Gordon and Matlock Zumsteg. In this shot from the first scene, Stan and his barmates are looking off in the distance as Stan, played by Matlock, goes into a flashback of one fateful night...from left, it's Mark the actual bartender, Matt "God" Stockton, "Dr." Donovan Dutro, Matlock "The Little General" Zumsteg, and Steven Thomas.

Matt "God" Stockton is credited for writing this one line Donovan says to Stan here: "Well at least you still have those beautiful and articulate hands of yours."

Thanks to the A Street Gallery in Santa Rosa for this scene.
Art makes Steven angry.

Ooh, what's she doing with that sword? Action! Suspense! Drama! It's all here!

Stan, reeling from the effects of his curse (and coincidentally, crying like a little baby girl.)

Erin Lane as the Old Gypsy Woman,
cursing Stan to a fate worse than death; comedy.

What innovative and imaginative location scout found this great bench! (Read: this is a bench behind the coffeeshop we loiter at nearly every day.) That's no-budget genius for you.
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