The Show New News:

Yes, friends, The Show has indeed begun filming it's highly anticipated second episode! Here is a recipe for a taste of the intense audio-visual experience in store in this new episode:

The Show's "Bloody Mess" Cocktail

Take one can of cola, pour out half.
Add 1/2 cup chocolate syrup to can.
Place one handful of rippled potato chips and half a bottle of red food dye into mouth, chew, but do not swallow or spit out, no matter how strong the urge.
Pour soda/chocolate mixture into severely broken drinking glass.
Stand in front of the TV, take a drink of the fluid from the glass, then push all of the material in your mouth out onto your face and clothing and laugh.

Success! You have just re-enacted the last scene in Dad Junk, the first sketch filmed in the new episode!

Expect Episode Two to be finished some time next year. Genius takes time to cultivate, and so do all the drugs required to complete a single episode.

The Dad Junk alumni: from right, they are Laura Tennyson, Ken Haus, Doug Stubbings and Kelly McKay.

We apologize to these fine actors for the trauma incurred during the filming of this sordid little piece of art.