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These are the best sites on the web. We have listed them here because it is our duty to provide you with taste, culture, and a sense of belonging. It is common to feel a sense of superiority over your proletarian peers once you've absorbed this information. Please don't abuse your newfound powers.

Please do not tell your friends about this.

Popularity kills.

In no particular order:

The Velvet Teen-The best band in the world. What I like to call Perfect Music. Judah and Logan are incredible together.

Mark and Living Right- Juiceman Jr. can help you with all your juicer needs. He's an expert on juicers. (It's scary.)

The Karmameter-John Lennon said "Instant karma's gonna get you" but now you can get instant karma! Tally up your divine returns!

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Chickenhead-I can't describe it, but it's great. Taste it now, you! (Thanks for the banner!)

Jesus.com-Bathe with Jesus? The Saviour is single and looking for chicks.

The Media Center-The Shows' humble public access home. Low-budget art never had it better.

Disturbing Auctions-Where Emotionally-Scarring toys go to die, then get resold to other traumatized kids. Wheee!

Straight Dope-Answers the most important questions, like "If all one billion Chinese jumped at once, would the earth be thrown out of orbit?" and "Was Issac Newton a virgin?"



Stinkymeat-I can't explain the appeal, but it's a man, a camera, and seven dollars worth of rotting meat. Amazing.

Jeff-This is my wonderful gay roommates' site. He's not as neurotic as he looks. (Yes he is.)

The Bad Candy Site-The first website to ever make me laugh so hard my stomach hurt. Just like when you eat bad candy. Hmm.

Mullets Galore-A funny site if you have spare time. Not funny if you have a mullet. Thank God you don't.

Logan Whitehurst and the Jr. Science Club- A genius in normal guy clothing, Logan is our friend and idol. Worship him. (He's also now The Shows' main music man. Kickass!)

Absolute Trivia-The greatest resource to use when you need to impress others with all sorts of useless information. Like Mensa.

Rent-A-Cow-Need a brown cow, NOW? The Swiss can help, with armloads of cows, flowers and wheels of cheese.

Gobler Toys-Toys you wish you had as a kid and wacky Flash animation rolled together and garnished for presentation. Yum.

Led Pants-Strange Flash animation at it's finest. Disturbing and fascinating, much like The Show.

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