He's a doctor!
The Doctor Sketch was a good shoot; we got the lighting right, the set worked out okay (weird blue theme, didn't plan that) and the performance flowed quite well. We filmed this in Spring 2002, and used our own digital camera; the quality of our filming improved with this sketch.
***special feature: if you watch this video, Dr. Donovan's head makes a cuckoo noise at one point...just another one of the many levels and layers to the giant onion that is The Show! Also, listen for a clock ticking in the background, speeding our poor patient ever closer to the inevitable...**

Donovan pulled this ambivalent doctor part off a little like John Cleese; kooky but not mean, oddly insane, and very cool.

The Doctor Sketch, with Donovan Dutro as "The Doctor" and Ian McDavid as "The Patient." Written by Donovan Dutro, and directed by Melissa Gordon (a.k.a. me.)

Test results, test results, la-tee-da, doh-ti-doh...
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