The ShoW CREW...working hard to revolutionize sketch at a time.

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We're edumacated!

The happy Field and Edit group celebrating their newfound production power.

Clockwise from left: Steven Thomas, Alex Torres (our big-hair mentor), Ken Haus (also on the TV), Jeff Hollis, Melissa Gordon and Matlock Zumsteg.






The Show cast looks at Ken awkwardly...

Clockwise from lower left corner: Matlock Zumsteg, Ken Haus, Stephen Thomas, Tim Fischer, John Hardin, Mark Owens, Ian McDavid, Erin Lane, Kelly McKay, and the back of Michael Olsens' head.

Cast not pictured: Ross "The Professional Stand-Up Comedian" Turner, J.W., our token black man who may be living in Italy somewhere, and Jeff Hollis, who prefers to remain anonymous. (Oops.)Oh, and introducing our new member Donovan Dutro! (Picture coming soon?)

Oh, and Melissa Gordon, The Shows' gorgeous editor and Web-Genius, who decided to take the picture.

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