Sketches with more than one location are like several sketches in one...when you're no-budget, you have to check out lighting, video and sound equipment, set them up in one location, film, break down the equipment and lug it to your next location...all using your own ingenuity and manpower. This is just a couple of multi-skilled people doing a couple hundred different jobs. Crazy-Heads was filmed on one full day in late spring, 2002, at the Santa Rosa Media Center (who have helped us get started) and at our Doctor Sketch location, Mantis Productions' warehouse/office.
**special feature: On our first episode DVD, there is a portion of this sketch used as an Evil Message in the Special Features menu; if you've seen Ken's intense performance and can imagine it backwards, you'll know why we call it EVIL.

Location number two. Ken's character Mr. Mills, (like any character Ken plays) had a large build of intensity toward the climax of the sketch. His face turns really, really red right before your eyes. Unfortunately, that intensity was hard on Ken; he went a little kooky at times. Luckily, it was caught on film. Ha, ha.

Crazy-Heads, starring Matlock Zumsteg as Bill, Kelly McKay as Hillary, Steven Thomas as the Head-in-the-Box and Ken Haus as Mr. Mills. This was location one.

Kelly was fantastic as a crazy woman. I don't know what that says about Kelly, but it made for one great shoot. She even did the outfit herself. People stared.

Here's Ken making what he calls "big choices" with blocking. (For those who are not in their own theatrical culture club, blocking refers to the movements and positions the actor makes to illustrate emotions or develop the character. Big choices.)

What's in the box?

Steven's in the box!
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