The Show is looking for anyone in Sonoma County, California (or close surrounding areas) to help us put on our stage and screen performances! We are in need of a tech crew, directors, producers, venues, as well as performers and writers, and we are always accepting applications. If you do not live in the Sonoma County area but would still like to take part in the madness, feel free to send us your sketch ideas, or even completed sketches, as it is possible for at least writers to get involved via the Internet. NOTE: Individuals may apply for more than one position! In fact, good "All-around" people will be looked upon with favor. (That's what we are, sort of sketch comedy production Renaissance-men and women.) We are all in our college years, and prefer applicants between the ages of 18 and 35, but we are open to what anyone can offer.

FOR PERFORMERS/ACTORS- We'll first talk about what your "specialties" are (voices, certain types of characters, etc.) and what you feel comfortable showing us right then and there. (Not your undies.) Audition will consist of performing one short monologue (original work is GREAT, but we will provide some of ours just in case) either solo or with another performer, just to warm you up. Then the floor is yours. We encourage improvisation, and we'll help by shooting ideas (and possibly bottle rockets) at you and watching what you can do with our suggestions. WE WANT EXTREME! We really want to see you go at it with zest. Be wacky and weird and edgy and bitter or whatever you do best. Think "over the top," but in control. And, if that's not you, we're always looking for "straight" characters, too. If you do a really cool "normal" person, we want to see that as well. So, basically, the idea is to perform with confidence. We are not here to judge you, we're here to see if your talent matches our needs. Improv and originality is emphasized, and we might even give you a cookie if you're good.

Writers and crew are needed just as badly as performers. All you need to do is fill out an application, and maybe talk to us about your own experience and talents. Writers, we would love to read your comedy-related pieces, anything that will prove your possible sketch writing talents. Crew, we are seeking costumers, set and prop people, camera and video experts, lighting, art direction, whatever help you can offer relating to TV/theatrical production. PRODUCERS ARE ALSO MORE THAN WELCOME. Remember, we're seeking VOLUNTEERS. You will not be paid in money, but rather in the personal satisfaction in performing and creating good, original, pee-your-pants funny sketch comedy. We have high hopes, and with the right team, it's very possible we might make it big. Really big.

Gee Show, what can I do to help?

As of late, The Show is seeking a volunteer camera, lighting and/or audio crew and a multi-talented prop/costume person.

We're looking for passionate, dedicated and unique individuals who would like to spend some time improving The Show for television production.

If you are experienced with digital video equipment or are a wonderful prop/costume-finder, then we welcome you with open arms into the exciting and dangerous glamour that is sketch comedy!

Contact Melissa Gordon (please email to