Matlock is hung like a rhino. Matlock Zumsteg, creator and head deity of "The Show."   Also a known sociopath. If you have any information as to his wherabouts, please contact your local authorities or your mother. He was last known to live in Santa Rosa, California. He is a genius. Please use caution, he is heavily armed with damn good comedy and a shiny spoonful of wit. He is also engaged to author, Melissa Gordon.

Big guy. Small sense of decency.

Mark Owens, small business owner, is a big goofy guy. He is a comic wonder, and a smartass. His roles as big goofy guys and his constant criticism are both priceless.

Jeff Towery and his comedy are much like a trip to San Francisco; it's weird, it's interesting and diverse, and it's VERY GAY. And often Jewish?


Wheres' that gay sense of style?

Melissa Gordon is one of The Shows' presigious editors and writers. She is a multi-talented intellectual who may have conspired with smart people, and solves the mysteries of the universe in her spare time. Melissa is the designer and webmaster of The Shows' webpage, and is also engaged to marry the precocious founder, Matlock Zumsteg.

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